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TRAKKER’S TAIL: First Hair Cut

TRAKKER experienced a couple more of his “Firsts” this week.  On Monday, he got his first hair cut and met another one of his new “Humans”, Corinna Orr, his groomer. (Incidentally, if you’re looking for a great Dog Groomer, we … Continue reading

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TRAINING UP TRAKKER: Is Exercise the Cure for Canine Behavior Issues?

Hello Friends! Yes, this is a purely shameless excuse to share another picture of our adorable puppy, TRAKKER. This is him on the day we adopted him.  OK…so he’s a bit bigger now than he was two months ago.  We … Continue reading

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BABY PHOTOS: Our New Puppy “Tracker” at 4 Weeks

We interrupt this typical ho-hum Monday afternoon for this breaking news:  We have new photographs of “Tracker”! Normally, we would beg your indulgence for posting personal photographs on our Real Estate blog…but REALLY!  Have you ever SEEN a puppy so … Continue reading

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Birth Announcement: Our Puppy Has Arrived!

Introducing Tracker We are anticipating the pitter-patter of little paws once again! Tracker is a Black-and-Silver Miniature Schnauzer. He arrived on August 5 and is now 18 days old.  He and his brother (pictured above) are in good health and … Continue reading

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