The Cost of Building a Home

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“The Cost of Building a Home”

by Ron Rosenberger


“How much does it cost per square foot to build a new home?” I
can almost guarantee that this will be one of the first questions a
builder is asked by a potential customer, and while it might seem to
be a reasonable question to most, the answer you get can often be
misleading for several reasons.

Using square footage prices to compare one home against another
does have value if you are comparing the same size and configuration
in the same neighborhood. It is nearly useless if you are comparing
a smaller home to a larger home or a rancher to a two-story. For
example, a 2000 sq ft rancher will always cost more per square foot
to build than a 4000 sq ft rancher. Both homes will have similar costs
for kitchens and bathrooms which are typically the most expensive
rooms in a home. The larger home likely will have more expansive
living spaces with added footage in the great room and bedrooms. This
increased square footage is in the least expensive areas of the home
so as the square footage in these areas increases, cost per square foot

A two-story is less expensive to build per square foot than a rancher
because the two levels of living space share one foundation and one
roof. Like kitchens and bathrooms, foundations and roofing trusses
and material are some of the bigger costs in home construction. A
two-story compared to a rancher with the exact same square footage
will definitely be less per square foot to build.

Exterior and interior finishes are additional variables in cost per square
foot calculations. One home with extra exterior detail, granite kitchen
countertops, a full masonry fireplace and full tile walk in showers
will be more per square foot than a home exactly the same size and
with the same configuration but with a simple exterior and few if any
upgraded interior amenities.

Finally, the location of the home is another major variable. A home
in one neighborhood may be more expensive than the same home in
another area due to city impact fees, building permit fees, utility hook
ups or CC&R requirements.

When estimating the value of a new project or selecting a company
to build with, you need to account for factors like style, location and
finishes. While price per square foot can be a consideration in your
final decision, it is at best, a rough gauge.

About the Builder:
Ron Rosenberger is a premier builder in North Idaho, with more
than 35 years building quality homes to fit the Northwest lifestyle.
Rosenberger Construction is known for inspired designs and attention
to detail. Their homes combine high-quality materials and the latest
technologies with the talents of the most experienced craftsmen in
the region. As a native and life-long resident of Hayden, Idaho, Ron
Rosenberger understands the area well. It isn’t all about building
fantastic homes; it’s as much about building lasting relationships with
the people who choose to call this magnificent area home. It’s about
building a stable, satisfying and family-centered community.

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The Cost of Building a Home

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